Monday, April 6, 2015

Creating Innovators
Author: Tony Wagner

Book Review:

Just recently, my husband and I were reading this new treasured book for our family called Creating Innovators.
The book tells about what kind of people the world needs for present and future, which is evolving, versus what kind of people the system is producing now.
There is a big difference between what the kids learned from pre-k to University versus the skills which the world is demanding for. 

Factors made this gap very wide are: 
1. Parents aren't informed.
2. Education system is still doing the same thing with no relevance to present demand.
3. Older generation didn't train the younger generation 

Still on the way, but I learned a lot. I have new found takeaways as for the few pages of this book. It changed my perspective and attitude towards educating my child.
One thing that changed me, is that I am not now preoccupied to worrying how and what to teach my daughter. I just need to create a good environment like few toys, more books, and the gift of God which are from nature such as sand, clay, park, water, and Legos too.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms.

When spring in Japan arrives, one tree that greets and marks the spring time is the Sakura or the Cherry Blossom in English term. Many people enjoy watching the full bloom as well as the falling down of petals. We call it " Hanami " in Japanese. These trees bloom only for around 2 weeks, so if the weather is very fine, you cannot resist to go outside and take a look and take a picture of it or even invite your friends to do Hanami. 

Hanami is a party under the Sakura trees, where people bring lunch boxes or snacks and eat, drink and even do karaoke. It is a picnic under the cherry blossom tree. Most famous spots in Japan for Hanami are very crowded for people from companies, schools, church or neighbours go out and enjoy the tree and the weather. 

Me, as a foreigner, I love this tree so much. It makes me excited to see the gradual process from budding to blooming to falling of petals to new sprout leaves.  I go out for Hanami, everyday for almost 2 weeks just to see and enjoy the creation of God with my family and friends. 

The perfect Hanami experiences for me:

1. A quiet place alone, reflecting its beauty , and the message of the tree related to the meaning of life.
2. Trees near the river or pond where i can see the reflection of the trees and its flowers.
3. Early morning after rain, walking with my daughter especially the falling of petals phase, because you walk on the road full of petals. It is like Paradise to me.
4. Taking pictures of different kinds of Sakura with or without my daughter or husband.
5. Go out for biking under the trees along the Shinkansen Railway is fun too.
6. During the sunset, chatting with good friends whom I can share deeper things about God and nature and its meaning.
7. Sakura illumination walk with family.  Seeing dark blue sky as a background of the pink flowers as the object in taking pictures.

My meaning for Sakura.

Sakura Tree is like LIFE. It has the beginning and the end, the heights and lows, and the sweetness and bitterness. The stages of life. Above all the shortness of life itself.

Everytime I see the Sakura tree, it cheers my heart that life is beautiful and at the same time it agitates my soul to live intentionally, fruitfully and fully bloom for life is short. 
It always brings me back to the scriptures in the bible says, 

" Psalm 103:15-16 New American Standard Bible (NASB) )
As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, and its place acknowledges it no longer."

It made me thankful to God that He chose me from the very beginning to live a full life with Jesus Christ. A chance to bring back the glory to Him and a moment to enjoy its pleasures, though life is short. 

But even how fleeting our life is, we are called to bloom to the fullest and to make a difference so that when our time is up, we can leave a legacy that will imprint to the next generation. So whenever I see the Sakura, I am thankful to God for this reason why He created this flower tree.

Now, still searching for new meanings and new ideas how to spend and where to spend Hanami in Japan. I will be showing you the lovely spots to enjoy Hanami to the fullest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Celebrating each baby steps

At last, I could start writing for the first time in my life. I got this account since 2010, when i first arrived in Japan, and now it's 2015, time flies fast like a wind. It took me awhile to start blogging for I had been facing different challenges at different stages of life. Well, better late never as they say.

I don't know where and how to start but as i got my new computer, my first ever computer, was given by my lovely husband on white day, I was compelled to write something to make use of this gift for better purpose aside from surfing.

Then, I remember my desire long time ago that I will write something about life, relationships, experiences and forward dreams. And here I am, writing while my 2 year old baby is taking nap at her baggy.

2015, is a start of jotting down some details about my life. Might be recalling some topics that I wanna share about or orchestrating a plan for the future. I don't know but this first blog is a must, must I say, an indication of a little improvement which i need to celebrate! This is my baby steps.

Here are things that I am doing now for first quarter of the year 2015.

1. English Conversation Class ( March 11th - May 20th of 2015)
This is a 2014 need of my 3 baby sitter's , who helped me a lot to take care of my baby while I am doing Japanese study and going to gym to be fit.
2. Empowering M'san by teaching her English one-on-one using the Dondon book (March 12th). She has much desire to speak English to foreigners about Christ. She has been a great encouragement to others.
3. Continue my Japanese study ( March 13th ). I haven't studied continuously since December 7th of 2014. Too bad, i broke my rhythm and it was so hard to go back.
4. Computer learning ( March 15th). I received my first Macbook Air newest model and my husband is the one who teach me how to use it appropriately.
5. Bible Literacy Challenge ( March 1). It birthed the desire this 2015, I felt God encouraged me to be equipped with his word. Ignited through my JLPT test and confirmed in my first visit in America.
6. Education Ideas: R's Learning Poster ( March 1st) . R is my 2 year old daughter who loves to read books and know things. She can memorise easily and it gives me a good pressure to study things for her and for others.
7. Okinawa Trip in April. This is an exposure trip to a big aquarium in Japan, where R is learning fish names before the trip using large print books from local library.
8. Gym since February 16th. I started going to gym for refreshment and to have more energy to work.
9. BLOG.

Now here I am trying to write and share about my life.
My writings might move around on the above topics. Well, celebrating each baby steps makes us move on and on.